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  • WORKPRO 24PC Multi brusný papír Brusný Papír, Brusné Nástroje na Dřevo, Kov, Barvy brusný Papír Set

  • DIY Dodávky: Zpracování dřeva
  • Číslo Modelu: W002350A
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Typ: Brusný Papír
  • Značka: workpro


Молниеносная delivery, everything corresponds to the description. thank you very much.
8 sheets of sandpaper grit 80, 8 by 120, 2 by 400 and 2 by 600. Sandpaper on paper basis is not waterproof. Grain holds well, does not crumble. The holder is deshmansky, the cover is jammed on the base and one lever is loose hanging, it will have to be fixed. There are three 3 sponges. We took the stock, for $2.80. Also the courier was brought. The order is made on November 11, accepted in stock IML 15th, issued on the 17th.
Bought at 11.11 at a discount for 221,08 rubles, so would not even look at this set for which the seller sells at the moment for 1000 with Ru warehouse! The usual Leroy Marlene! At 14.01.2021 in Leroy Marlene, you can buy all this for "grater for grinding tape 125 rub., sandpaper P80 to 14*8 = 112 rub., sandpaper p120 to 13*8 = 104 rub., sandpaper P400 to 28*2 = 56 rubles., sandpaper P600 to 28*2 = 56 rubles., abrasive sponge P40 to 50 rubles., abrasive sponge P80 for 50 rubles., Abrasive sponge p120 for 50 rubles., Total: 603 rubles!!! In the set of grater was defective! At the clip, the elastic spring fell out, because of this, the mechanism of the holder itself was weakened. I had to disassemble everything and put it in place, and the fasteners themselves were poorly screwed, everything came to twist! 6 days delivery.
Great set! As in the photo of the seller. Very well packed, delivered quickly, by courier to the door.

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Štítky: sr2ez, papír, písek, akvárium zem, střední broušení, řemeslo dřevo, nástroj workpro, multifunkční nástroj, multitul, bruska, baterie festool.

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